About William

William was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. William enlisted in the United States Navy and served 8 years in the Pacific Fleet Sailor as a Cryptologist. William completed multiple combat deployments to the Arabian Gulf with focus primarily on Ramadi, Iraq and Fallujah, Iraq. Upon completion of my last deployment, I realized that physically returning home was only half the battle. Mentally many of my service members including myself were in many ways trapped by the traumas they faced overseas. After receiving my Honorable Discharge, I decided to return to school to help people fight the war with Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, and Substance Abuse.

After returning to Columbus, Ohio I enrolled in The Ohio State University to begin my journey into the helping profession. I completed the Bachelors program with emphasis on Mental Health and Substance Abuse. Then elected to continue my education and completed my Masters with focus on Mental Health and Substance Abuse. 

After graduating from The Ohio State University, I began working with Children and Families as a Community Based Clinician at the Buckeye Ranch. After leaving the Ranch, I continued my journey by taking a role as a Crisis Clinician at Netcare Access often meeting people at some of the darkest times in their lives. After working mainly with non-profit organizations, I wanted to learn more about inpatient hospitalization and went to work with Columbus Springs East as the Lead Assessment Clinician.

Additional work experience includes working as the Lead Mental Health Clinician at Maryhaven in the Adolescent Unit and working in the Adult Detoxification Unit. Prior to making the leap to private practice, I have dedicated many hours at continuing my education to better assist my clients.


I have obtained certifications through Evergreen Certifications LLC in the following areas:

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional


Certified Depression and Mood Disorder Treatment Provider


Certified Personality Disorder Treatment Professional


Certification in Dialectical Behavior Therapy



I have always been allied with the LGBTQIA+ community and will continue to remain so as a Clinician. I believe in a person-centered, solution focused approach to working with clients. All experiences and feelings are welcomed at the door, I am just here to help. At times we all have experienced loss, trauma, isolation, hopelessness, disappointment, disconnection, powerlessness, and genuine unhappiness. If you are feeling like things just are not going right and you need an ally, then I am only one call away. Let’s join forces and get you smiling again!

Contact Info:
Email: OverturfTherapyServices@gmail.com
Temporary Phone: 614-273-9143