About Carly

Carly Baird, MSW, LSW is a passionate and committed social worker with over 10 years of experience working with adults in education and behavior management. Having worked with adults with disabilities, professionals working on leadership, emotional intelligence and team building, and youth and adults in work readiness skills, Carly is excited to apply their rapport building skills and insight to therapeutically support the community. Carly is a graduate of the Masters of Social Work program at The Ohio State University with a focus on Mental Health and Substance Misuse. While at Ohio State, they created a support group for their social work student peers that served over 30 students. 

Carly is passionate about therapeutically helping the helpers of our communities, like other therapists, teachers, and nurses. With their experience in working with adults around self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-worth, Carly is excited to support those who devote their lives to helping others. 

Carly’s therapeutic approach is rooted in evidence-based theoretical foundations like strength-based, solution-focused, cognitive behavioral, and narrative therapy, among other approaches. Carly is passionate about building a solid therapeutic rapport and using that as the jump off point to planning and building capacity to change, and for their clients to live their most fulfilled and empowered lives. 

Carly is interested in working with all types of people, anyone who wants to talk things through and change thinking and behavior patterns. Carly can support and empower you to work on various topics like depression, anxiety, substance misuse, self-confidence, behavior change, self-awareness, among other areas. 

Put your oxygen mask on first. We, the helpers, are only as effective to the degree to which we help ourselves. Working with a therapist can support you in being your best for yourself and the others who need you. 

Carly is taking new clients virtually who live in Ohio and some availability in person in Columbus, OH. Contact Carly for more information. 


Email: Carlybairdcounseling@gmail.com

Phone: 614-407-6033